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Graphics of the participation in the ALADIN project, at the MoU4 signature (December 2010)
Article published on 13 January 2011
last modification on 2 December 2015

by Patricia

Statistics about the manpower involved in ALADIN are regularly produced thanks to the ALADIN work accounting realized by the LTM (ALADIN correspondents) following the rules defined in the MoU.

The statistics below were prepared at the end of MoU3, for the 15th General Assembly and the MoU4 signature.

 Breakdown of the manpower at the end of June 2010 and during Mo3

Breakdown of the person.months by countries
Breakdown of the participants by countries
Breakdown of the person.months by money fundings
Breakdown of the person.months by countries

 Manpower evolution of Partners or Components of the consortia

Evolution of Partners manpower during MoUs
Evolution of MF, LACE and FR partners manpower
Evolution of the quartely manpower


Stay versus home work in the total ALADIN effort
Exchanges on Flat-rate funding during MoU3
Effort mid-2005 to mid-2010

 Type of work at the end of June 2010 and during MoU3

Since July 2001, the ALADIN effort is split in 3 categories (direct work, maintenance of local applications, development of interfaces to other applications). The type of work is also characterized (training, tuition, networking,maintenance, validation, development, operational) Since January 2007, the manpower is also split in "in-kind" or "not in-kind" work

Type of work

 Statistics on phasing effort

Phasing participation per year (MoUs)
Maintenance and phasing effort
Phasing effort versus total effort