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Connection to METEO-FRANCE computers
Article published on 22 April 2021
last modification on 10 February 2022

by Patricia

The information below is NOT updated. Please consult:

For a personal connection to PARME or a team access to IAA (BDPE, BDAP, BDM or BDCLIM), please fill the request form (French version or English version).

In case of a new request only, please fill also one of the undertaking forms (French version or English version).

For PARME access, the authorization is valid for only one year : don’t forget to ask for a prolongation before the end of the authorized time (using the request form).

Please send these forms to Eric Escaliere by email or post-mail.

french_request.pdf 142.7 KiB / PDF

french_undertaking.pdf 143.4 KiB / PDF