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Modelling components (under development)
Article published on 14 July 2009
last modification on 21 September 2012

by JFM
Surface energy balance Patch approach over the nature tile : (up to) 12 different energy and water budgets Flexible tile approach with separate energy budgets Multi Energy Balance in SURFEX/HARMONIE Flexible tile scheme with user defined tiles and elevation bands None
Coupling with the atmosphere None None None None None
Soil transfers Multi-layer soil scheme (ISBA-DIF) Account for heterogeneous soil properties and organic soils Multi-layer soil scheme in SURFEX/HARMONIE Increased number of soil layers linked to code enhancement None
Frozen soils Multi-layer diffusion scheme None Multi-layer diffusion scheme None None
Vegetation Two layers - separate energy balance for high and low vegetation canopies : MEB scheme Water interception reservoir; improved root profiles MEB scheme : improved vegetation-snow interactions in SURFEX/HARMONIE None None
Snow model Three-layer scheme (variable depths) – liquid water in snow pack as an additional prognostic variable Multi-layer – liquid water in snow pack as additional prognostic variable Three-layer snow scheme Multi-layer scheme – snow mass, snow density; liquid water in snow pack, dynamic snow layer depths Snow/forest albedo revision and rainfall interception in the snow pack
Lake model bulk fresh water lake model (Flake) None FLake in SURFEX/HARMONIE FLake coupled via surface fluxes bulk fresh water lake model (FLake)
Sea-ice Sea-ice model None Sea-ice model with snow on top Multi-layer thermodynamics with sea-ice categories None
Ocean model 1-D mixed layer ocean (based on TKE concept) None 1D-mixed model in SURFEX/HARMONIE None 1-D mixed layer ocean (based on TKE concept)
Urban areas Town Energy Budget (TEB) model with CANOPY Multi-layer urban canopy parameterization None 2 tile urban scheme with varying parameters None
Chemistry module Aerosols and dust emission COSMO-ART : aerosols and dust emission None None None
Surface boundary layer 5-layer scheme solving turbulent prognostic equations without advection None Monin-Obukhov similarity theory. T2m and q2m defined as canopy air values in the forest (not used in data assimilation) None None