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Article published on 4 February 2015

by Patricia

 HIRLAM-ALADIN rolling plan

As decided by the 16th General Assembly in November 2011, a common HIRLAM-ALADIN plan will span the period of the two MoUs of the two consortia, i.e. until 2015. It will be a "rolling plan", "rolling" meaning that this plan will be adapted in the course of the coming years; depending on the evolution in both consortia, the priorities of the activities may change.

  • version for the 19th General Assembly, December 2014
  • version for the 18th General Assembly, November 2013
  • version for the 17th General Assembly, November 2012

 Annual reports by PM to PAC

According to the MoU, the ALADIn PM presents annual reports to the ALADIN PAC.
Some of the topics are elaborated in the ALADIN Newsletters :

Rolling Plan, Dec 2014 1.5 MiB / PDF

Rolling plan, Nov 2012 365.8 KiB / PDF

Rolling Plan, Nov 2013 628.5 KiB / PDF