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1st Meeting of the Expert Team on Surface Processes, Toulouse, 12 June 2009
Article published on 2 March 2009
last modification on 2 July 2009

by JFM, Patricia

 Objective of the meeting

The 14th SRNWP meeting held in October 2007 (Dubrovnik, Croatia) proposed the creation of eight Expert Teams according to various aspects of short range numerical weather prediction in order to enhance collaborations between the five main European consortia.

Regarding the ET on “surface processes†a draft workplan was written at the beginning of 2008 providing guidelines on possible collaborations over the coming years. This draft was presented and discussed during the 15th SRNWP meeting in October 2008 (Madrid, Spain).

In order to make the collaborations more effective among us, a 1st meeting was organized in Toulouse (12 June 2009) where the participants of the ET on Surface Processes from all consortia met together.

The minutes of this working day summarize the main outcomes in terms of collaborations for the next two years.

 Presentations given during the meeting

 List of Participants

ECMWF activities 2.9 MiB / PDF

HIRLAM activities 998.9 KiB / PDF

List of participants 48 KiB / PDF

METOFFICE activities 395.8 KiB / PDF

minutes of working day 89.8 KiB / PDF

SRNWP presentation (JFM) 353.5 KiB / PDF