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8th PAC meeting, Bruxelles, 6-7 June, 2012
Article published on 27 July 2011

by Patricia

Agenda with link to the preparatory documents

  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Final approval of the minutes of the seventh PAC meeting in Budapest 3_minutes_PAC.pdf
  4. PAC matters (arising from previous meetings if
    any) 4_minutes_GA.pdf
  5. ALADIN planning and reporting
    1. Progress report: highlights, critical issues,
      and actions demanded by the GA
      (SURFEX, convergence and
      dynamics/scalability) 5-1_progress_report.pdf
    2. Preparation of the 2012 work plan:
      preliminary prioritizing
    3. PAC input for the 4-y work plan
    4. Preparation of the strategy meeting in
      September, revisiting the strategic plan 5-4_WP_dynamics.pdf
  6. ALADIN program definition and activities
    1. Update on recent events
      (ALADIN workshop, SURFEX
      working week) 6-1_COSP_report.pdf
    2. CSSI/LTM/ST, Task force
      matters, ACNA 6-2_CSSI-LTM-ST.pdf
    3. Creation of a SURFEX steering
      committee 6-3_SURFEX_SC.pdf
    4. Link with HIRLAM 6-4_HMG-CSSI.pdf
    5. Maintenance issues: local
      technical knowledge transfer, OOPS.
    6. EUMETNET matters: the
      Forecasting Capability Area road map
  7. Cooperation agreements and membership
  8. Resource matters:
    1. Manpower status: revision of the
      guidelines for reporting practices and
      update on the manpower registration and
      accounting 8-1_guidelines.pdf
    2. budget matters: 8.2.1_FR_planning.pdf
      1. accounting of the ongoing 2011 budget,
      2. PAC’s first guidance for the 2012
      3. Status of the previously unclaimed
        royalties and follow up of lake database
        maintenance financing mechanism
  9. A.O.B
  10. Date and place of the next meeting
  11. Closing

See also the PM presentation.

5-1_progress_report.pdf 638.8 KiB / PDF

5-4_WP_dynamics.pdf 54.8 KiB / PDF

6-1_COSP_report.pdf 178.1 KiB / PDF

6-2_CSSI-LTM-ST.pdf 132.9 KiB / PDF

6-3_SURFEX_SC.pdf 95.2 KiB / PDF

6-4_HMG-CSSI.pdf 173.2 KiB / PDF

8-1_guidelines.pdf 122.5 KiB / PDF

8.2.1_FR_planning.pdf 156.1 KiB / PDF

Agenda 90.9 KiB / PDF

PM presentation 4.4 MiB / PowerPoint