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Plots of experimental AROME 1.3 km
Article published on 11 January 2013
dernière modification le 7 July 2014

by Patricia
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Some experimental AROME configurations were daily run at 1.3 km and 2.5km.
This experimentation has been stopped and will be replaced by runs of AROME High-Resolution with assimilation.
More details when these runs are available.

About the former 1.3km and 2.5km experimental runs :

They are initialized and coupled with operational AROME-France (2.5 km).

Two different vertical discretization are being tested : L90BB (a simple extrapolation of the operational 60 levels discretization on 90 levels) and L90BE (also 90 levels but with a better resolution the lower layers).

PNG - 746.7 kb
Orography at 2.5 km
PNG - 923.1 kb
Orography at 1.3 km (experimental AROME)
PNG - 11.7 kb
Vertical discretization : L60, L90BB; L90BE

The plots of some parameters forecasted by 4 AROME configurations are available here (password required for non-Meteo/France access) for research purposes only (there is no garanty of the quality nor the availability of these plots). 4 plots are proposed for each parameter, for ranges from 01 to 24H, with a possibility to animate the hourly plots (click on "animate").

AROME 1.3 km, L90BB AROME 1.3km, L90BE
AROME 2.5 km, L90BB AROME 2.5km, L60

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