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Joint 27th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2017, 3-7 April 2017, Helsinki, Finland
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The joint 27th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2017 was held on the premises of the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki - Dynamicum - (see How to find FMI, see also the map over Dynamicum) during the first week of April 2017 :

 Agenda and list of participants

Welcoming address by Yrjö Viisanen (FMI Head of Research), Dynamicum meeting room
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HIRLAM and ALADIN overviews by the PMs and status of C-SRNWP by the coordinator
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 Recorded sessions on youtube

 Presentations : link to the pdf of the presentations

 Working groups and side meetings

  • WG on Recent upper-air DA issues (Roger Randriamampianina)
  • Surface side meeting on Surface processes and data assimilation (Patrick Samuelsson)
  • WG on clouds, radiation and aerosol, (minutes on HIRLAM wiki, for authorized access only) (Laura Rontu)
  • WG on System
  • Verification/HARP side meeting (Bent Hansen Sass, Christoph Zingerle)



 Instructions for real time video streaming )

This link allowed you to follow the sessions on a real-time basis : .

For accommodation, please consult the instructions for booking hotels (this material was prepared by FMI planner Heidi Aaltonen, heidi.aaltonen"at"

it is still possible to register to the Wk/ASM, including your proposal for poster before 24 March 2017. No additional presentations can be added to the agenda.


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