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Article published on 28 March 2019
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by Patricia
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AEMET host the joint 29th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2019 in Madrid on 1-4 April 2019 and the HMG/CSSI meeting on 5 April 2019. The LTM meeting was organised as a side-meeting on Monday late afternoon.

The agenda is on-line. The pdf of the presentations and posters will be added along the way on the Wk main page. The plenary sessions will be recorded and added later.

A possibility for remote participation is offered via WebEx .
Join the meeting .
Meeting number (access code): 847769480 and Meeting password: hjbj4tFP

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31 January 2019 : The ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter n°12 is on-ligne

Embark on a big Tour of ALADIN-HIRLAM !

Each team points some NWP highlights in their NMS in 2019.

The Program Managers also give the last news on the convergence process between ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia.

Enjoy the ride !

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Participants : 23rd ALADIN GA

Regular 23rd General Assembly and 4th joint ALADIN GA and HIRLAM Council, Zagreb, November 19-20, 2018

The ALADIN GA and the HIRLAM Council met in Zagreb (Croatia) on November 19-20, 2018 : the 23rd ALADIN GA, then the LACE Council and the HIRLAM Council in parallel, then the 4th joint ALADIN GA - HIRLAM C meeting.
The minutes have been approved by the participants and are on-line :

  • The 3 PMs (ALADIN, HIRLAM, LACE) reported on the realisation of the Rolling Work Plan 2018 and presented some highlights on the common and R&D activities. The assemblies congratulated the Members for the good realisation of the Rolling Work Plan 2018 and approved the Rolling Work Plan 2019 and the committed manpower.
  • The assemblies approved the "scope document" they had tasked the WG (PMs, HAC/PAC chairs, MF PAC rep., CSSI chair) with: this document proposes a scope for the future single consortium. The assemblies gave the same WG guidelines to go further toward the single convergence and prepare a draft MoU, to be discussed at the next joint meeting of the ALADIN GA and HIRLAM C.
  • The "Tour d’ALADIN" was given by Piet : the slides are on-line : these 2018 highlights sent by the LTMs will be detailed in the ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter n°12, to be published end of January 2019.
  • Piet reported on the 2018 common activities, DA coordinator, Code Architect and ACNA activities (a document has also been published), DA coordinator, Code Architect, ACNA, ..
  • The ALADIN budget for 2019 was approved.
  • A new matrix of the ALADIN consortium was approved after changes in some positions (the GA chairs and vice-chairs were re-elected for a two-year period).

Last events

The minutes of the PAC and the HAC/PAC meeting have be approved by email and are on-line.

The presentations and posters are on-line on the SRNWP website.

An LTM meeting was held besides the EWGLAM/SRNWP and the minutes of this 25th LTM meeting have been published.

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  • 28th Wk&ASM 2018 : PMs at the closing session
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  • 28th Wk&ASM 2018 : speakers
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