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The 6th Assembly of ALADIN Partners took place in Casablanca (Morocco) on January 14, 2002 : The 1999-2001 research plan was assessed : while considering objectives versus progress, it appears (...)
Article published on 22 September 2002
ALADIN was entirely built on the notion of compatibility with its « mother » system, IFS/ARPEGE. The latter, a joint development between the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (...)
Article published on 11 September 2002
The ALADIN configurations Nine are currently fully validated (the number is likely to increase in the near future, given the momentum of the project) : e923 : the creation of the « geographical » (...)
Article published on 11 September 2002
Only the main events are mentioned here, relative to the political, financial and technical aspects. November 1990 : Météo-France offers the NMSs of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, (...)
Article published on 21 August 2002
The above table presents the list of Toulouse visitors in 2001 with the subject of their work, their mentor(s), the dates of their visit. See also the reports of 2001 stays. (...)
Article published on 31 December 2001


Informations for Toulouse visitors
Here are a few information for future or present visitors in Toulouse : (...)
operala mailing list

This list has been created in order to keep in touch (...)

Operational configurations

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Within ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia, the 3 (...)

Joint ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletters
During the HMG/CSSI meeting in April 2013, ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia (...)

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