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new ALADIN Doctor : Martina Tudor
Martina TUDOR from Croatian Met Service (new LACE PM since April 2018) successfully passed her PhD on "Improvements in the operational forecast of detrimental weather conditions in the numerical limited area model ALADIN" on December 10, 2018. Congratulations Martina...
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Assemblies of the ALADIN and HIRLAM Directors
Information on the Regular 23rd General Assembly and 4th joint ALADIN GA and HIRLAM Council that were held in Zagreb on November 19-20, 2018.

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31 January 2019 : The ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter n°12 is on-ligne

Embark on a big Tour of ALADIN-HIRLAM !

Each team points some NWP highlights in their NMS in 2019.

The Program Managers also give the last news on the convergence process between ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia.

Enjoy the ride !

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Participants : 23rd ALADIN GA

Regular 23rd General Assembly and 4th joint ALADIN GA and HIRLAM Council, Zagreb, November 19-20, 2018

The ALADIN GA and the HIRLAM Council met in Zagreb (Croatia) on November 19-20, 2018 : the 23rd ALADIN GA, then the LACE Council and the HIRLAM Council in parallel, then the 4th joint ALADIN GA - HIRLAM C meeting.
The minutes have been approved by the participants and are on-line :

  • The 3 PMs (ALADIN, HIRLAM, LACE) reported on the realisation of the Rolling Work Plan 2018 and presented some highlights on the common and R&D activities. The assemblies congratulated the Members for the good realisation of the Rolling Work Plan 2018 and approved the Rolling Work Plan 2019 and the committed manpower.
  • The assemblies approved the "scope document" they had tasked the WG (PMs, HAC/PAC chairs, MF PAC rep., CSSI chair) with: this document proposes a scope for the future single consortium. The assemblies gave the same WG guidelines to go further toward the single convergence and prepare a draft MoU, to be discussed at the next joint meeting of the ALADIN GA and HIRLAM C.
  • The "Tour d’ALADIN" was given by Piet : the slides are on-line : these 2018 highlights sent by the LTMs will be detailed in the ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter n°12, to be published end of January 2019.
  • Piet reported on the 2018 common activities, DA coordinator, Code Architect and ACNA activities (a document has also been published), DA coordinator, Code Architect, ACNA, ..
  • The ALADIN budget for 2019 was approved.
  • A new matrix of the ALADIN consortium was approved after changes in some positions (the GA chairs and vice-chairs were re-elected for a two-year period).

Last events

The minutes of the PAC and the HAC/PAC meeting have be approved by email and are on-line.

The presentations and posters are on-line on the SRNWP website.

An LTM meeting was held besides the EWGLAM/SRNWP and the minutes of this 25th LTM meeting have been published.

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The joint 28th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2018 was held mid-April on the premises of Météo-France in Toulouse.

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28th Wk&ASM 2018 : speakers
  • 4 full days (16-19 April) for the opening session, the thematic sessions, the posters session, some Working Group discussions, the LTM meeting, an official dinner and a public conference,
  • 20 April 2018 : HMG/CSSI meeting (whole day), for HMG/CSSI members only.

The agenda, the presentations - pdf files and videos of the sessions, the posters ... are on-line, the minutes of the LTM meeting and of the HMG/CSSI meeting are also on-line.

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28th Wk&ASM 2018 : PMs at the closing session

This joint Wk/ASM obtained the label "EuroScience Open Forum 2018 - TOULOUSE, EUROPEAN CITY OF SCIENCE".

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The concept of the ALADIN project was proposed by Météo-France in 1990, with the aim of building a mutually beneficial collaboration with the National Meteorological Services of Central and Eastern Europe. This collaboration was to be in the field of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), which provides the basis for the forecasting tools of modern meteorology. The easy to translate acronym (Aire Limitée Adaptation dynamique Développement InterNational) clearly indicates the major axes of this project at its beginnings.

25 years later, as defined in the 5th Memorandum of Understanding,

The goal of the ALADIN Collaboration is to improve the value of the meteorological, hydrological and environmental warning and forecast services delivered by all Members to their users, through the operational implementation of a NWP system capable of resolving horizontal scales from the meso-beta to the meso-gamma scale and improving the prediction of severe weather phenomena such as heavy precipitation, intensive convection and strong winds.

This objective will be fulfilled through continuation and expansion of the activities of the ALADIN Consortium in the field of High Resolution Short Range Weather Forecast, including:

  • Maintenance of an ALADIN System (...);
  • Joint research and development activities, on the basis of the common Strategic Plan and related Work Plans, with the aim of maintaining the ALADIN System at scientific and technical state of the art level within the NWP community;
  • Sharing scientific results, numerical codes, operational environments, related expertise and know-how, as necessary for all ALADIN Consortium members to conduct operational and research activities with the same tools.

About one hundred scientists, from sixteen countries, each with its own specificity in resources and knowledge base, are permanently contributing to the progress of ALADIN NWP system. They are working together on a modern code of the atmosphere that definitely deserves its proper place between the European state-of-the-art NWP models: 80 Full-Time Equivalent persons in the last years of the project’s life. This code is now operated every day in fifteen Euro-Mediterranean countries, on a huge variety of computing platforms ranging from a PC Cluster under Linux to Vector Computers.

ALADIN consortium had a number of unique successes in the past : for instance, the plugging of an existing physics parameterization in the existing code, leading to the AROME model; ALADIN is at the forefront of the gray-zone problematics with the ALARO physics; ALADIN dynamical core is remarkably stable; ...

ALADIN also allowed to build a high-level scientific team, distributed in sixteen countries that managed to reach the level of the best research centres, as witnessed by the PhD theses and publications in international journals. The General Assembly of Partners, the workshops, the meetings, the newsletters regularly offer opportunity of various exchanges within the ALADIN community.

ALADIN is preparing for the serious evolutions expected within the NWP landscape in the coming five to ten years. There is the ever-lasting question where to draw the line between resolved vs. parameterized processes. There is the question of the efficiency and the scalability of ALADIN dynamical core. There are the external drivers, such as the demands of the end users, and the evolution of the high-performance computing machines. Additionally a serious reorganization of the code is now at hand, in particular within the OOPS project. Besides that, the international meteorological context is steadily changing, specifically with the merger of the ALADIN and the HIRLAM consortia.

Article published on 15 November 2018
dernière modification le 21 November 2018
Section : Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) and "Bureau" meetings
Group photo of the 1<sup class=st Joint HAC/PAC" title="Group photo of the 1st Joint HAC/PAC" />
Since the 3rd MoU (November 2005), the governance of the ALADIN project is under the responsability of the General Assembly (GA) who designs the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC meets before each GA [1] : the Minutes of the PAC meeting are one of the preparatory documents of the GA. See (...)
Article published on 15 November 2018
Section : Software and applications
Vertical levels used in operational systems and their standard atmosphere heights

(updated on November 15, 2018)

Within ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia, the 3 CMCs (ALARO, AROME, HARMONIE-AROME) and the ALADIN configuration run operationally on a wide range of computers, from single workstations to vectorial computers in shared or distributed memory, and on a cluster of (...)

Article published on 22 November 2018
Section : About the aladin websites
Information on the Regular 23rd General Assembly and 4th joint ALADIN GA and HIRLAM Council that were held in Zagreb on November 19-20, 2018.
Article published on 29 November 2018
Section : On-line registrations
Registration Form : Application Deadline: 15th February, 2019 Consult the list of participants Back to the main page of the 29th Wk & 2019 ASM
Article published on 30 November 2018
dernière modification le 4 February 2019
Section : Governance
Date GA Chairperson election [2] GA Vice-chairperson election [3] PAC Chairperson appointment [4] PAC Vice-chairperson appointment [5] PM appointment CSSI chairperson election MoU signature AG21- Nov 2018 Martin Benko Anne Debar AG22- Nov 2017 Daniel Gellens Radmila Brozkova (...)
Article published on 4 December 2018
Section : (General) Assembly of ALADIN Partners

At the 4th joint ALADIN General Assembly and HIRLAM Council meeting, on the kind invitation of the Director of the TSMS, the assemblies decide to meet in Istanbul, according to the following schedule :

• 16 December 2019 afternoon : ALADIN GA,

• 17 December 2019 morning : LACE and HIRLAM (...)

Article published on 16 December 2018
dernière modification le 17 December 2018
Section : PhD thesis
J-P Chaboureau, C. Fischer, M. Mokhtari and B. Hamadache (from right to left); P. Tulet (behind)
PhD Thesis completed in the framework of the ALADIN project (excepted those on RFR or ALATNET supports) Name Title of the thesis Date of defense University Vanja BLAZICA Divergence in limited area models for numerical weather prediction 27 September 2013, Ljubljana (Slovenia) Ljubljana (...)
Article published on 17 December 2018
Section : DATA Assimilation Strategic Core Program

5-6 December 2018 video-conference

See the summary report; the main topics of this video-conference were: 1. Status on the DAsKIT countries progress. 2. Status on the 2018 DAsKIT WD exercises 3. Validation of local surfDA cycling 4. Local issues 5. Planing of next actions and AOB4 June 2018 (...)

Article published on 10 January 2019
dernière modification le 14 February 2019
Section : Visitors in Toulouse
A first list of the 2019 visitors in Toulouse is given below. Please consult the offices table for phone number and office number of the 2019 visitors. NAMEFIRSTNAMECOUNTRYSTARTENDSubjectMENTOR DURUISSEAU Fabrice FRANCE 04/05/15 28/02/19 SIMULATION ET ASSIMILATION DE DONNEES D’UN FUTUR (...)
Article published on 15 February 2019
dernière modification le 25 March 2019
Section : ALADIN annual workshops (joint with HIRLAM ASM from 2007)

AEMET has kindly offered to host the joint 29th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2019 in Madrid. It will be organised on 1-4 April 2018 (Wk&ASM) and on 5 April (HMG/CSSI meeting).

The Main meeting will take place at the Headquaters of the Ministry for Ecological Transition in Nuevos Ministerios (...)

by Eric
Article published on 1 March 2019
Section : Stay reports
MONTEIRO M.: Pre-processing and validation of BATOR: OIFS radar data

2nd Meeting of the Expert Team on Surface Processes, Zürich, 15 September 2010
Article published on 29 September 2010
by JFM by

A second meeting of the Expert Team on surface processes took place during the last EMS conference in Zürich and was kindly hosted by Meteo Swiss, thanks to Jean-Marie Bettems. The first part was devoted to the description on the database of in-situ measurements for local validation of NWP land surface schemes. This activity which is part of the COLOBOC project of the COSMO consortium has been endorsed by SRNWP in order to make the data available to our community. The second part was devoted to presentations on the current activities of each consortium on surface processes.

Minutes of the meeting devoted to the discussion about the SRNWP Data Pool (written by J.-M. Bettems)

An important conclusion of the meeting was to encourage SRNWP consortia to make use of the dataset for validation studies. This action is important if we want this database to be maintained and enriched with more recent data. All members of SRNWP can register on the following web site and then download the available data :

SRNWP COSMO COLOBOC Database of surface observations

The presentations given during the meeting are available below :

Downloads Files to download:
  • SRNWP_ET_overview
  • File size 78.9 kb
  • File type : PDF
  • ALADIN_MF_Report
  • File size 72.5 kb
  • File type : PDF
  • ALADIN_ZAMG_Report
  • File size 1.3 Mb
  • File type : PDF
  • COLOBOC_Report
  • File size 1.9 Mb
  • File type : PDF
  • COSMO_Report
  • File size 1.8 Mb
  • File type : PDF
  • ECMWF_Report
  • File size 5.2 Mb
  • File type : PDF
  • File size 436.3 kb
  • File type : PDF
  • HIRLAM_KNMI_Report
  • File size 899.7 kb
  • File type : PDF
  • UKMO_Report
  • File size 536.3 kb
  • File type : PDF
  • GLASS_Panel_Seattle_24Aug2010_Reichle_PILDAS
  • File size 225.3 kb
  • File type : PDF
  • Minutes_Datapool_201009
  • File size 13.5 kb
  • File type : PDF


Informations for Toulouse visitors
Here are a few information for future or present visitors in Toulouse : (...)
operala mailing list

This list has been created in order to keep in touch (...)

Operational configurations

(updated on November 15, 2018)

Within ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia, the 3 (...)

Joint ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletters
During the HMG/CSSI meeting in April 2013, ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia (...)

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