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When planning your next visit to Toulouse/CNRM/GMAP, please pay attention to French public holidays and Meteo-France closing days (RTTi) !.. From (...)
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Article published on 8 January 2018
dernière modification le 1 March 2018

by Patricia
Jean-François Geleyn passed away on 8 January 2015. Jean-François was suffering with his health recently, but the brutal course of events leaves (...)
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Article published on 9 January 2015
dernière modification le 13 April 2015

by Patricia
Here are a few information for future or present visitors in Toulouse : Useful links : Public transport : Schedules of the Toulouse buses (...)
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Article published on 6 October 2014
dernière modification le 7 October 2014

by Patricia
For a personal connection to PARME or a team access to IAA (BDPE, BDAP, BDM or BDCLIM), please fill the request form (French version or English (...)
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Article published on 22 April 2014
dernière modification le 2 July 2015

by Patricia
On February 20, 2013 : RC LACE – Regional Cooperation for Limited Area modelling in Central Europe, is recruiting the position for Area Leader (...)
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Article published on 21 February 2013

by Patricia
Jean-François Geleyn received on Wednesday 14 September 2011 the EMS Silver Medal for his outstanding contributions to the fostering of (...)
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Article published on 1 August 2011
dernière modification le 15 January 2015

by Patricia
Professor Geleyn On Thursday 17 March, our former Programme Manager, Jean-François Geleyn became visiting professor at the department of Physics (...)
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Article published on 21 March 2011
dernière modification le 9 January 2015

by Patricia
During the 10th Assembly (Bratislava, October 2005), the third Memorandum of Understanding (MoU3) was signed by the Partners. It defines, among (...)
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Article published on 2 September 2010
dernière modification le 7 August 2015

by Patricia

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ALADIN staff in France
Published on 24 July 2008
by Patricia,
Useful dates for your next visit in Toulouse CNRM/GMAP
Published on 8 January 2018
by Patricia
Published on 9 January 2015
by Patricia
ALADIN staff in Tunisia
Published on 9 September 2015
by Patricia,
Visitors in Toulouse in 2018
Published on 12 December 2017
by Patricia
Contacts between Aladin partners and MF for oper-type of problems
Published on 15 June 2010
by Patricia
Visitors in Toulouse for 2009
Published on 2 January 2009
by JAM
Visitors in Toulouse in 2016
Published on 15 December 2015
by Patricia

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