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Regular 23rd General Assembly and 4th joint ALADIN GA and HIRLAM Council, Zagreb, Croatia, November 19-20, 2018
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 General Information

The 2018 meetings will be held in Zagreb, back-to-back with the EUMETNET/ECOMET meeting, according to the following schedule :

Below are some practical information (download the logistical information document, with all details).

The conference will take place in the very heart of Zagreb (see the Maps, in Hotel Dubrovnik (address: Gajeva 1, 10000 Zagreb, in Zrinski hall and Ban Ivan Mažuranić hall.

The organisers suggest few hotels in Zagreb (see the logistical document) but in order to obtain exact prices and terms of service you can contact selected hotel by yourself in order to make reservation via e-mail.
Only for hotel Dubrovnik are arranged special rates for meetings participants : please fill the attached reservation form for accommodation in Hotel Dubrovnik. Please note that after October 15th 2018 (registration deadline), the availability of rooms at the special conference price can not be guaranteed.

Visa may be needed for citizens of some participating countries. DHMZ will provide upon request an invitation letter to support the visa application.

The local organizer recommends to take a bus (Autobusni kolodvor) from Airport Franjo Tuđman to the Central Bus Station, and then take a taxi or tram to your hotel. Hotel Dubrovnik can be easily reached from Central Bus Station by tram number 6, to the station name Trg bana Josipa Jelačića.

The local organizer

Alica Bajić,
Tel.: +385 1 4565 678
Mob: +385 91 4564 682,

 23rd ALADIN General Assembly

1. Opening and welcome

2. Adoption of the draft agenda

3. Reports from previous meetings

  • 15th-16th PAC meetings
  • 6th-7th joint HAC/PAC meetings

4. Activity reports and plans:

  • Tour d’ALADIN
  • common activities, DA coordinator, Code Architect, ACNA
  • Approval of RWP2019

5. ALADIN-HIRLAM declaration: follow-up

6. United Weather Centres

7. Budget issues and manpower

  • Manpower figures
  • Execution of the ongoing budget
  • Adoption of the 2019 budget

8. Governance issues

  • New membership (if any)
  • Election of GA chair and vice-chair
  • PAC composition
  • CSSI & ST composition
  • LTM changes

9. Date and place of the next General Assembly

10. A.O.B

 4th joint ALADIN General Assembly and HIRLAM Council

1 Opening and welcome

2 Adoption of the draft agenda

3 Reports and Plans:

  • Report from the 6th and 7th joint PAC-HAC meetings
  • Report on the 2018 Rolling Work Plan
  • Approval of the 2019 Rolling Work Plan
  • Progress and plans at Météo-France
  • Progress and plans at ECMWF

4. Governance issues

  • Follow-up of the joint declaration
  • Scope of the future single consortium
  • Possibility to provide the shared ALADIN-HIRLAM codes to NHMS from non-European emerging countries
  • United Weather Centers (UWC)

5. Date and place of the 5th joint ALADIN GA / HIRLAM Council

6. A.O.B

7. Closing


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