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Regular 23rd General Assembly and 4th joint ALADIN GA and HIRLAM Council, Zagreb, Croatia, November 19-20, 2018
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 General Information

The meetings took place in the very heart of Zagreb (see the Maps, in Hotel Dubrovnik (address: Gajeva 1, 10000 Zagreb,

 23rd ALADIN General Assembly : MINUTES

1. Opening and welcome

2. Adoption of the draft agenda

3. Reports from previous meetings

4. Activity reports and plans:

5. ALADIN-HIRLAM declaration: follow-up

6. Possibility to provide the shared ALADIN-HIRLAM codes to NHMS from non-European emerging countries

7. Budget issues and manpower

8. Governance issues

  • New membership (if any)
  • Election of GA chair and vice-chair
  • PAC composition
  • CSSI & ST composition
  • LTM changes

9. Date and place of the next General Assembly

10. A.O.B

 4th joint ALADIN General Assembly and HIRLAM Council : MINUTES

1 Opening and welcome

2 Adoption of the draft agenda

3 Reports and Plans:

4. Governance issues

5. Date and place of the 5th joint ALADIN GA / HIRLAM Council

6. A.O.B

7. Closing


JPEG - 3.7 Mb
Participants : 23rd ALADIN GA
JPEG - 3.1 Mb
Participants : 4th joint ALADIN GA & HIRLAM Council
JPEG - 2.2 Mb
4th joint ALADIN GA & HIRLAM Council : chairs, PMs and ECMWF observer
JPEG - 1.6 Mb
4th joint ALADIN GA & HIRLAM Council : MF participants


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