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The ALADIN Directors will meet on 26 of November 2020 in Toulouse for the 26th ALADIN General Assembly and on 27 of November with the HIRLAM Council for the 7th joint meeting of the ALADIN (...)
Article published on 23 June 2020
The Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) will host the joint All Staff Workshop 2021 in Ljubljana, 15-19 March 2021 at Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana and on Friday morning at Slovenian Environment (...)
Article published on 23 June 2020
Since the 3rd MoU (November 2005), the governance of the ALADIN project is under the responsability of the General Assembly (GA) who designs the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC meets (...)
Article published on 11 June 2020
The PAC, HAC and joint PAC-HAC meetings will take place as planned on May 14-15, but on video-conference format. The ALADIN General Assembly and HIRLAM Council and their joint meeting will take (...)
Article published on 24 April 2020
The ALADIN Directors should have met on 25 of June 2020 in Barcelona for the 25th ALADIN General Assembly and on 26 of June with the HIRLAM Council for the 6th joint meeting of the ALADIN General (...)
Article published on 7 April 2020