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Joint 28th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2018, 16-20/04/2018, Toulouse, France
Article published on 13 June 2017
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by Patricia
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The joint 28th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2018 will be held on the premises of Météo-France in Toulouse during the third week of April 2018.

  • 16 April 2018, 08:30-20:00 : opening session, DA session, Posters session and LTM meeting, icebreaker
  • 17 April 2018, 08:30-19:00 : Physics and Dynamics sessions, Surface WG, Climate WG
  • 18 April 2018 08:30-22:00 : Verification and Surface sessions, visit and official dinner
  • 19 April 2018 08:30-22:00 : EPS and System sessions, System WG; HARP WG, public conference (in French, title:"Vers une prévision des incertitudes en météorologie" [1]).
  • 20 April 2018 : HMG/CSSI meeting (08:30 - 17:30), for HMG/CSSI members only.

This joint Wk/ASM obtained the label "EuroScience Open Forum 2018 - TOULOUSE, EUROPEAN CITY OF SCIENCE".

 Agenda with link to the presentations

  • Plenary opening session.
  • Opening of the Meeting & Welcome speech
    • Piet Termonia: ALADIN status overview
    • Jeanette Onvlee: HIRLAM highlights of the past year
    • Balazs Szintai: Status of the EUMETNET C-SRNWP project
  • Plenary session 1: Data Assimilation.
    • Yann MICHEL: The future EnVar scheme for the AROME model
    • Roger RANDRIAMAMPIANINA: Upper-air data assimilation in HIRLAM, status and plan
    • Jelena BOJAROVA: Flow-dependent data assimilation in HARMONIE forecasting system
    • Wafa KHALFAOUI: Impact of an improved background-error covariance matrix with an AROME 3DVAR system over Tunisia
    • Carlos GEIJO: Balancing Initial Conditions with Variational Constraints. First Results with 3D-Var and LETKF
    • Jean-Francois MAHFOUF: Ongoing developments on the use of observations in the AROME 3D-Var
    • Isabel MONTEIRO: ASCAT Assimilation Experiments with HARMONIE-AROME mesoscale model over Iberian Peninsula
    • Sigurdur THORSTEINSSON: Use of low peaking channels from AMSU-A and AMSU-B over ice
    • Phillip SCHEFFKNECHT: Assimilation of Mode-S Data for High Resolution Simulations
    • Benedikt STRAJNAR: Impact of Mode-S EHS observations in ALADIN
    • Trygve ASPELIEN: On the use of amateur weather observations in an operational nowcasting and NWP framework
    • Xiaohua YANG: C3S Copernicus Arctic Regional Reanalysis system
  • Plenary session 2: Physics
    • Yann SEITY: Recent work on AROME physics
    • Sander TIJM: HARMONIE-AROME forecast model developments
    • Neva PRISTOV: ALARO current status (together with Radmila’s talk)
    • Radmila BROZKOVA: ALARO-1 Canonical Model Configuration developments and tests
    • Luc GERARD: Reconnecting cloud representations in Alaro-1
    • Eric BAZILE: What can we learn from GABLS4 ?
    • Benoit VIE: Evaluation of the 2-moment scheme LIMA and recent developments
    • Daniel MARTIN-PEREZ: Update of number of cloud droplets using MACC outputs
    • Bjorg Jenny ENGDAHL: Improved representation of supercooled liquid water in HARMONIE-AROME
    • Kristian Pagh NIELSEN: Testing the snow albedo sensitivity in HARMONIE-AROME
  • Plenary session 3: Dynamics.
    • Petra SMOLIKOVA: Dynamics in LACE
    • Fabrice VOITUS: Progress on quasi-elastic system
    • Karim YESSAD & Fabrice VOITUS: An alternate way to treat Melmholtz equation in the NHEE model
    • Daan DEGRAUWE: The mass-based non-hydrostatic dynamics dwarf
    • Martina TUDOR: LBC files - make and use
  • WG on Climate
  • Side meeting on surface physics and data assimilation
  • Plenary session 4: Verification.
    • Christoph ZINGERLE: HARP Status and Plans
    • Bent SASS: HIRLAM-C activities on verification: Status and Plans
    • Andrew SINGLETON: The future for point verification in HARP
    • Garcia-Moya JOSE A.: Verification of hourly precipitation using OPERA dataset
    • François BOUYSSEL: Preliminary results with upgraded horizontal resolution in ARPEGE
    • Angeles HERNANDEZ: Simulated MSG SEVIRI imagery from the HARMONIE-AROME model
    • Joel STEIN & Fabien STOOP: new neighborhood-based contingency tables
    • Morten KOLTZOW: Year Of Polar Prediction and AROME Arctic
    • Ines SANTOS ATIENZA: Assessment of HARM-AROME model at 1.0 km over the Spanish coast for wind forecast
    • Danijel BELUSIC: Large spatial spin-up at inflow boundaries in HCLIM-AROME Discussion (side-meeting announcement)
  • Plenary session 5 : Surface.
    • Patrick LE MOIGNE: SURFEX
    • Patrick SAMUELSSON: Overview of HIRLAM surface activities
    • Camille BIRMAN: Meteo-France operational land surface analysis for NWP: current status and perspectives
    • Ekaterina KURZENEVA: Performance of FLake in HARMONIE
    • Laura RONTU: Status of subgrid-scale orography parametrizations ororad and orotur in HARMONIE-AROME
    • Margarita CHOULGA: Anthropogenic influence to continental land surface stocks and fluxes
    • Patrick LE MOIGNE: ECOCLIMAP Second Generation
  • Plenary session 6: EPS.
    • Inger-Lise FROGNER: HarmonEPS developments
    • Martin BELLUS: LAM-EPS activities in LACE
    • Yann MICHEL: The AROME EDA: formulation and impact on the deterministic AROME 3DVar
    • Yong WANG: Seamless ensemble forecasting from minutes to days
  • Plenary session 7: System.
    • Claude FISCHER: Cycles, mitraillette and the like
    • Daniel SANTOS MUNOZ: HARMONIE-AROME system progress and evolution
    • Roel STAPPERS: OOPS progress at ECMWF
    • Ryad EL KHATIB: Object orientation in post-processing
  • Plenary closing session.
  • Side meeting on HARP verification
  • System side meeting

 Posters with link to the posters

  • Andrae Ulf : MetCoOp activities
  • Azad Roohollah : ALERTNESS project: Advanced models and weather prediction in the Arctic.
  • Eric Bazile, Rachid Abida, Antoine Verrelle, Patrick Le Moigne, Cornel Soci, C. Szczypta: A 55 year surface analysis over Europe at 5.5km within the UERRA project
  • Bojarova Jelena : Relevance of climatological background error statistics for meso-scale data assimilation
  • Calvo Javier : The NWP system at AEMET
  • Cedilnik Jure : ALADIN in Slovenia 2018
  • Clancy Colm : Operational NWP at Met Eireann
  • Darcy Ronan : Operational NWP at Met Eireann
  • Deckmyn Alex : National poster Belgium
  • Derkova Maria : ALADIN related activities @SHMU
  • Dumitru Alina : ALADIN Activities in Romania
  • Feddersen Henrik : COMEPS - DMI’s short-range ensemble prediction system
  • Gleeson Emily : Radiation Experiments using the ALADIN-HIRLAM System
  • Gleeson Emily : Met Eireann’s high resolution experiments
  • Guser Alper : Aladin Related Activities at TSMS
  • Hdidou Fatima Zahra : Moroccan National poster
  • Hdidou Fatima Zahra : GPS data assimilation in Morocco
  • Horvath Kristian : Using spectral evaluation to assess the added value of higher resolution modelling
  • Imrisek Martin : Data assimilation activities at SHMU
  • Martínez-Sanchez Mauricia : AEMET-gammaSREPS: current operational status
  • Kolonko Marcin : tbd
  • Korpinen Anniina : Simulated effects of land-sea contrasts in Southern Finland
  • Kovacic Tomislav : Radar data assimilation in Croatia
  • Monteiro Maria : ALADIN - Portuguese Technical and Scientific Activities
  • Odak Plenkovic Iris : Deterministic post-processing of ALADIN NWP in Croatia
  • Pottier Patricia : NMW systems at Meteo-France
  • Randriamampianina Roger : Radar for Improving Precipitation Estimates and Optimization of Hydropower Energy Production (RadPrO)
  • Ricard Didier : Impact of turbulence representation on deep convection
  • Santos Atienza Ines : Verification of HARM-AROME model at 1.0 km over Spanish harbour areas
  • Szucs Mihaly : NWP at the Hungarian Meteorological Service
  • Trojakova Alena : NWP activities at CHMI
  • Tsenova Boryana : Status of NWP in Bulgaria
  • Tudor Martina : Operational forecast using ALADIN System in Croatia in Spring 2018
  • Valkonen Teresa : Physiographic data sets in AROME-Arctic
  • Voitus Fabrice : How to enhance stability over steep slopes in current SISL NWP model
  • Wafa Khalfaoui : NWP Activities in Tunisia
  • Whelan Eoin : SAPP: Evaluation for Operational NWP
  • Wittmann Christoph : NWP related activities in Austria
  • Yang Xiaohua : tbd

 Registration and participants

 About ESOF Toulouse 2018

The biennial European event, EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) will take place in Toulouse, "European City of Science" from 9 to 14 July 2018. "Sharing science: towards new horizons" will be the motto of this ESOF 2018 edition, a 6-in-1 event including various sections “Science”, “Science policy”, “Science to Business”, “Careers” and “Media & Science Communication” and a “Science in the City” programme dedicated to the general public. A series of themes covering all fields of science and their relations with society are covered by this multidisciplinary event through conferences, exhibitions and satellite events.


Notes :

[1La qualité des prévisions météorologiques ne cesse de s’améliorer, notamment grâce aux nouvelles observations disponibles, à l’augmentation de la puissance de calcul et à une meilleure représentation des processus en jeu dans les systèmes de simulation numérique.
Malgré ces progrès, l’incertitude reste un facteur inhérent au processus de prévision météorologique. Depuis quelques années ce caractère incertain est désormais communiqué : les prévisions sont assorties d’un indice de confiance ou, dans certains cas, plusieurs scénarios possibles sont évoqués. Quelles sont les causes de ces incertitudes ? Comment expliquer la contradiction apparente qui existe entre les tentatives actuelles de prévisions à échéance de plusieurs mois ou saisons, voire davantage, et l’impossibilité de prévoir précisément le temps au-delà de quelques jours ? Quelle information utile les utilisateurs peuvent-ils retirer d’une prévision incertaine ? Voici quelques questions que nous aborderons durant cette conférence.

Downloads Files to download:
  • WK2018 : agenda
  • 119.6 kb / PDF
  • WK2018 : participants
  • 36.4 kb / PDF
  • WK2018 : posters
  • 59.9 kb / PDF

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