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Operational configurations
Article published on 15 November 2018
last modification on 16 February 2021

by Patricia

(updated on December 16, 2020)

Within ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia, the 3 CMCs (ALARO, AROME, HARMONIE-AROME) and the ALADIN configuration run operationally on a wide range of computers, from single workstations to vectorial computers in shared or distributed memory, and on a cluster of workstations under Linux.

 53 operational configurations in short

The table in the joint document summarizes the main data of the 53 main configurations operational in ALADIN/HIRLAM.

 Details on the operational configurations

Additional details can be found on the links below :

 Graphics and Maps

Model configurations

Map of the CMCs (+ALADIN)

Operational domains in satellite view (click to animate)

Vertical levels used in operational systems and their standard atmosphere heights

Vertical levels

 Configurations run by NMSs : click on the country to get the map with operational configurations in white when ALADIN, in red when ALARO, in blue when AROME, in green when HARMONIE-AROME

Algeria Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia CzechR France(1), (2) Hungary Morocco Poland
Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Tunisia Turkey All LACE All ALADIN
Denmark MetCoOp Denmark Norway Iceland Ireland Lithuania Netherlands Spain All HIRLAM

 Overview prepared by EUMETNET-SRNWP

See also the summary (as of Nov 2019) : "EUMETNET-SRNWP Overview of Operational Numerical Weather Prediction Systems in Europe, deterministic models and Ensemble Prediction Systems".