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The joint 27th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM ASM 2017 was held on the premises of the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki - Dynamicum - (see How to find FMI, see also the map over Dynamicum) (...)
Article published on 6 April 2017
After the strategy meeting in Toulouse (26-28 April 2016) it was decided to write an ALADIN-HIRLAM core program on dynamics, continuing the past road map. Agenda First part : Presentations (...)
Article published on 28 March 2017
The ALADIN DA basic kit Working Days took place in Lisbon at the IPMA premises, on 22-23 March 2017. Agenda and presentations General session I Background and scope of the meeting : Core (...)
Article published on 27 March 2017
A first list of the 2017 visitors in Toulouse is given below. Please consult the offices table for phone number and office number of the 2017 visitors. NAMECOUNTRYSTARTENDSubjectMENTOR Filipa (...)
Article published on 4 January 2017
After the request of the ALADIN General Assembly, some leaflets (flyers) were prepared (end of 2016, beginning of 2017). The first page is common to all Partners and the 2nd page can be (...)
Article published on 14 December 2016


Informations for Toulouse visitors
Here are a few information for future or present visitors in Toulouse : (...)
operala mailing list

This list has been created in order to keep in touch (...)

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(updated on November 15, 2018)

Within ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia, the 3 (...)

Joint ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletters
During the HMG/CSSI meeting in April 2013, ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia (...)

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