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2020 Joint LACE Data Assimilation & DAsKIT Working Days, video-conference, 14-16 September 2020
Article published on 18 August 2020
last modification on 5 October 2020

by Patricia

The 2020 DAsKIT Working Days will be joint together with the LACE DAWD during 14-16 September 2020.

Due to the actual public health constraints, the meeting will be organized by video-conf (S4B Skype for Business platform).

 Agenda and list of participants


  • National presentations :
    • Slovenia /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/Status_Slovenia_2020.pdf
    • Slovakia /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_statu020_DAWD_SHMUstatus.pdf
    • Romania Hungary /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/DAstatus_Hungary_2020.pdf
    • Czech Republic /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/CZstatus.pdf
    • Croatia /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/DA-Croatia-2020.pdf
    • Austria /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/DA-Austria-2020.pdf
    • Algeria /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/2020DAsKIT_Algeria.pdf
    • Belgium /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/DAsKIT_2020_belgium.pdf
    • Bulgaria /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/Bulgaria1.pdf
    • Morocco /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/DAsKIT_2020_morocco_status.pdf
    • Poland /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/POLAND_DAsKIT-14092020-status.pdf
    • Portugal /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/2020_DAsKIT_Pt_final.pdf
    • Tunisia /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/Tunisia_DAskit_September2020.pdf
    • Turkey /home/monteiro/public/DAsKIT2020/national_status/DASKIT_2020_September_Turkey_Status.pdf
  • Invited talks
    • Status of HIRLAM upper-air DA activities (R. Randriamampianina)
    • Status of OPLACE (A. Trojáková)
  • SSpecific talks
    • Impact of the variational assimilation of ground-based GNSS zenith total delay into AROME-Morocco model (Fatima Hdidou)
    • VarBC spin up and assimilation of Slovenian GNSS ZTD observations (B. Strajnar)
    • Improving heavy rainfall forecasts by assimilating surface precipitation in the convect-ive scale model AROME: A case study of the Mediterranean event of November 4, 2017 (Zahra Sahlaoui)
  • Session on upper-air data assimilation: radar data assimilation
    • Progress of radar DA - validation of obs. operator, processing in screening (A. Trojáková, A. Bučanek)
    • Validation of radial winds (K. Čatlošová)
  • Practical Session on pre-processing
    • OBSMON adaptation and re-compilation to read local ODB data files (Idir Dehmous)
    • BATOR adaptation to read SAPP BUFR SYNOP data (Yelis Cengiz)
  • Session on surface data assimilation