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2008 - 2nd AROME training course : on-line presentations
Article published on 31 March 2008
last modification on 3 April 2008

by Patricia

The 2nd AROME training course took place in Lisbon (Portugal), on March 4-7 2008.

49 people from 19 countries attended the one week Seminar. 11 teachers gave 16 hours main lectures and 12 hours practical exercises.

This 2nd AROME training course focused on the most important points for running AROME in the real-time weather forecast and research modes, considering the theoretical aspects on Méso-NH physics, AROME settings, NH dynamics in "A-models", RUC, the data assimilation in ALADIN and some practical exercises.

 Introduction/closing session

  • The AROME project over the last 2 years and status by Gwenaëlle Hello
    • Highlights of recent history
    • Solved & unsolved problems
    • Current performance of Arome
    • The future
  • Final discussion by Maria Monteiro :
    • scientific and technical questions post-workshop
    • feedback from the participants about the organization and content of this training course


 <a href='' class="spip_in">Practical exercises</a>

  • 1D model tests - HPCE/local PC
  • How to run a 3D model forecast (on ECMWF/HPCE), perform model outputs (on local PC):
    • reference run (MIDPYR domain, 6h forecast, 100*100 points)
    • namelist changes (horizontal diffusion)
    • code changes (in physics: shallow convection, TKE mixing length)
    • DDH in AROME

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Practical exercises
on 31 March 2008
by Patricia