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The AROME project (presentation, March 2008)
Article published on 31 March 2008
last modification on 3 April 2008

by Patricia

 Presentation of Gwenaëlle Hello during the <a href='' class="spip_in">2<sup class="typo_exposants">nd</sup> AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008</a>.

Overview of the AROME project by Gwenaëlle Hello and François Bouttier with contributions by Yann Seity, Pierre Brousseau, Sylvie Malardel, Christine Lac, Patrick Santurette, Pierre Bénard, Eric Wattrelot, Thibaut Montmerle, Claudia Faccani, Olivier Caumont, Ludovic Auger, Valéry Masson, Pierre Le Moigne, Eric Martin, Joël Stein, Francis Pouponneau, Eric Sevault, Ryad El Khatib, Damien Lambert, Jean-François Mahfouf, etc...

  • Highlights of recent history
  • Solved & unsolved problems
  • Current performance of Arome
  • The future

 Final discussion of the <a href='' class="spip_in">2<sup class="typo_exposants">nd</sup> AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008</a>, chaired by Maria Monteiro.

  • P. Bénard stressed the importance of finding more similar forecasts with Méso-NH and Arome , especially for the precipitation rates, and mentionned several issues like the chimney effect, the possibility of a better use of SLHD and advection of w. He highlighted the need for manpower working on the VFE discretization in order to keep collaboration on this topic with ECMWF.
    P. Le Moigne also mentionned the importance of surface physics.
  • Some pratical issues were also debated:
    • F. Bouttier announced officially the opening of Olive (web browser for launching experiments) to Aladin and Hirlam partners for research use.
    • The need for more documentation on Arome, especially for the academic world
    • The need for output files in netcdf format instead of lfa/grib to allow academia to manage easily their AROME outputs.A possibility would be that users contribute to the development of these new tools.
    • The necessity of finding an efFinal discussion of the 2nd AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008, chaired by Maria Monteiro.ficient way to communicate inside the community of
      Arome’s users (forum, Aladin’s meeting ...). It was mentionned that HIRLAM has e-mailing lists for different developement topics according to people’s interests to keep them informed about the evolution of the project in such issues. An AROME users’ meeting could be planned in the near future.

The overall impression on the training course was found very positive, especially about overall organization and organization of the practical sessions. It was also found that theoretical and practical sessions were well balanced.