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ALARO-0 Training Course : on-line presentations
Article published on 12 April 2007

by Patricia

The first ALARO-0 training course took place in Radostovice (Czech Rep) on March 26-30, 2007.

The programme, the time-table and the list of participants are in the joined pdf file. Main outcomes and decisions from the final discussion also.

Please consult the pages ((1), (2)) of the training course on RC-LACE website for all details about ; :

  • Lectures
    • Introduction by Jean-Francois Geleyn
    • Governing equations by Bart Catry
    • SLHD by Filip Vana
    • Moist physics generalities by Radmila Brozkova
    • Microphysical processes by Bart Catry
    • Radiation: basic and NER by Jean-Francois Geleyn
    • p-TKE scheme by Filip Vana
    • Radiation: gaseous statistics- & cloud saturation models by Jean-Francois Geleyn
    • Code status by Martin Janousek
    • Existing validations and associated problems by Radmila Brozkova
    • 3MT: the grey-zone challenge by Luc Gerard
    • 3MT: the equation’s historical evolution Jby ean-Marcel Piriou
    • 3MT: the core concepts part 1 by Jean-Marcel Piriou part 2 by Luc Gerard
    • 3MT: the up- & downdrafts’ handling by Luc Gerard
    • 3MT: the certainties and the perspectives by Jean-Marcel Piriou
    • Implementation problems, options, constraints by Martin Janousek
    • Wrapping-up and preparing KIT work by Neva Pristov
  • Exercises
  • Working group sessions
    • Documentation
      • Microphysics (i) condensation sources + sedimentation by Christoph Wittmann
      • Radiation (NER method + cloud optical properties) introduction by Jan Masek
      • Precipitating convection updrafts and downdrafts by Doina Banciu
      • Working Group A
        • Generic equations and their concrete code translations (Martina Tudor)
        • Microphysics (i) condensation sources + sedimentation (Christoph Wittmann) acnebcond , accdev , aplmphys
        • Adjustment processes, cascading and protection against negative water species (Luc Gerard)
      • Working Group B:
        • Radiation (NER method + cloud optical properties (Jan Masek)
        • Turbulence (p-TKE + its shallow convection consequences + the J_q_l/i problem (Filip Vana)
        • Cloudiness under its ’n’ shapes (stratiform, radiative, turbulent, convective, microphysical) (Joao Rio)
      • Working Group C
        • Microphysics (ii) autoconversion + collection + evaporation/melting (Jure Cedilnik, Neva Pristov)
        • Precipitating convection (i) updrafts (closure + M-T oriented output) (Siham Sbii)
        • Precipitating convection (i) downdrafts (closure + M-T oriented output) (Doina Banciu)
    • ALARO-0 experiences
      • Belgium by Luc Gerard
      • Croatia by Dunja Drvar
      • Czech Republic by Radmila Brozkova
      • Slovenia part 1 and part 2 by Neva Pristov and Jure Cedilnik
    • Others
      • Calculating the humidity convergence with finite differences by Mikhail Tolstykh
  • List of documentation related to ALARO