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ODB documentation (mainly in French), September 2018 (Files and data)

Tuesday 25 September 2018 by Patricia
LINK to the documentation prepared by Dominique Puech. This documentation is automatically updated when there are changes in ODB. Most of the pages are in French.

How to plot Arome output (presentation, Nov 2005) (Files and data)

Thursday 8 December 2005
Presentation of François Bouttier during the 1st AROME training course that took place in Poiana Brasov (Romania), on November 21-25, 2005. Contents : contents of AROME files CHAGAL : the traditional Aladin plotter DIAPROG: traditional Méso-NH plotter Metview icons and macros examples of Metview (...)

Using ODB in ALADIN (documentation and presentation, 2002) (ODB : Observational DataBase)

November 2002
This document was written by Sandar Kertez in November 2002 and presented during the 1st ALADIN maintenance and phasing workshop hold in Budapest on November 25-29, 2002. Main topics : Basic ODB structures Data retrieval OBB in ARPEGE/IFS ODB related programs Working with (...)

A short overview of ODB (presentation, 2002) (ODB : Observational DataBase)

June 2002
ODB (Observational DataBase) is a database system to store and handle all kind of observations. It allows fast data extraction by data query language ODB/SQL. Kertész Sándor presented an overview of ODB in June 2002 : basics structurs views database definition How ODB looks like? Where to find (...)

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