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AROME scripts environment, how to run AROME ? (presentation, Nov 2005)
Published on 5 December 2005

Presentation of Yan Seity during the 1st AROME training course that took place in Poiana Brasov (Romania), on November 21-25, 2005 : Generalities concerning scripts With acces to tora/cougar/andante at Météo-France a) on already configurated domain b) on a new domain Other ways or future (…)

From individual scripts to the operational suite (presentation, 2002)
Published on November 2002

Presentation of Martin Janousek during the ALADIN maintenance and phasing training course in Budapest on Nov 25-29, 2002.

Contents of the presentation "From individual scripts to the operational suite, its management, supervision and maintenance,monitoring" : Requirements on NWP operations (…)