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Aladin-dust user’s guide (Jan 2012, in French)
Published on 27 January 2012
by Patricia

This guide is an addendum to the technical documentation of the ALADIN model. Its focuses on many physical processes linked to desert aerosols that are in the ALADIN code. This guide points out which modifications have to be made in the namelists and which main keys are needed in order to branch (…)

Prognostic physics in ARPEGE-Climat (Algorithmic Documentation, 2009)
Published on 3 September 2009
by Patricia

Deep convection Shallow convection Precipitation Clouds and turbulence Radiation

See also the ARPEGE-Climat V5.1 algorithmic documentation.

SURFEX scientific documentation
Published on 17 June 2009
by Patricia

Documentation about SURFEX is available on Meso-NH website under Documentation / Books and Guides.

Last version (SURFEX V5, May 2009) is available here.

ALADIN operational physics documentation (2005)
Published on 4 April 2005

This documentation is available through postscript files, dedicated to different topics. Topic postscript last update Title page & Table of Contents Nov 2001 Physics-dynamics interface Nov 2001 Initialisations and auxiliary tools Nov 2001 (…)

Arpege/Aladin single column model (2002)
Published on May 2002

The single column model (SCM) is the 1D version of th 3D ARPEGE-ALADIN operational model. It can be used for different purposes : make predictions in 3D model forced mode test the physical package on observational datasets as well as on idealized profiles Develop surface variational (…)