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format BUFR
Published on 30 June 2022
by Frank Guillaume

ces documents sont complementaires de ceux que l’on peut trouver sur le site de l’OMM (quand on sait ou chercher !)

ObsConvert (Bator using EcCodes)
Published on 18 March 2022
by Frank Guillaume
BATOR’s Changes and input files used
Published on 5 May 2021
by Frank Guillaume

Updated on 24/07/2019.

FULL-POS users guide since cycle 46, updated 8 Oct. 2021
Published on 5 February 2021
by Patricia

FullPos is a powerful and sophisticated post-processing package. It is intended to be used for operation and research as well. FullPos can perform vertical interpolations, horizontal interpolations and spectral filtering.

This manual, published in January 2021 and updated on 8 October 2021, (…)

General Fortran optimizations guide, Dec 2019
Published on 19 August 2020
by Patricia

This document from Ryad El Khatib is the support of a training course of Fortran High Performance omputing for scientists and developers. The purpose of this course is to let developers be aware of the performance traps when they code a piece of scientific software in Fortran.

The expectation (…)