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Some utilities have been developed around ALADIN and are now mainly available through PINUTS (Pinuts Is New Useful Tools Software ):

  • a portable version of EGGX (new and old) library with conversions tool (CONEO)
  • a tool to design an ALADIN domain from lat*lon coordinates (DOMOLALO) , another to design domain from scratch (MAKDO), one to make subdomains (SUBDO)
  • a portable version of some tools modules and programs developped by Jean-Daniel (former ECTOplasme, FRODO, EDitField, PSEUDO...)
  • a makefile tool to compile these tools;
  • CHAGAL : plots ALADIN files using NCAR software

Articles in this section

DOMOLALO : create a domain giving South,Nort,East,West and resolution (PINUTS)

Thursday 11 September 2008 by Jean-Daniel GRIL
domolalo : one of the pinuts tool to create domain giving South,Nort,East,West and resolution. The created domain contains the "latlon" domain referenced by South,Nort latitudes and East,West longitudes. Link to DOMOLALO documentation VERSION 2008.0911 (by J-D (...)

ECTO or ECTPplasme: to compute spectral energy on ellipses (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
Ectoplasm program permits you to compute spectral energy on ellipses referenced by integer ( between 0 to NMSMAX ) for spectral fields of Aladin files. Link to ECTO Documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/01 (by Jean-Daniel GRIL) For details on the algorithms of ECTOPLASM (routines ELIPS_NRJ, (...)

SUBDO : to make aladin SUBDOmains (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
For a given projection on a reference domain, SUBDO can create another domains : on the same grid or not inside the reference domain or not. Link to DOMAIN_MOD Documentation (used in SUBDO, VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/08(by Jean-Daniel GRIL). For details on the algorithms of SUBDO, see the joined (...)

MAKDO : to MAKe geographical aladin DOmains (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
MAKDO permits you to design from scratch an ALADIN domain. Link to MAKDO Documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/08 (by Jean-Daniel GRIL) For algorithm details on MAKDO, see the joined file.

EDF or EDitFiles : to convert ALADIN grid-point fields into ASCII files (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 1 March 2007
Link to EDF documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/01 (by J-D GRIL)

What is PALADIN ? (2002) (PINUTS)

October 2002
By Jean-Daniel Gril (October 2002 ) Paladin is for Portable Auxillary Library And Development tools for aladIN. This project contains : a portable version of FA/LFI library a portable version of EGGX (new and old) library a portable version of my tools modules a portable version of my (...)

FRODO : to read header and contents of an ALADIN or FULLPOS file (1999) (PINUTS)

April 1999
FRODO program was developped by Jean-Daniel Gril. It reads files in FA format and extracts header datas from them, with ASCII output format. These datas contain geographicals parameters, dates, levels ..., and the list of fields inside the file. Link to FRODO (...)

CHAGAL : to plot ALADIN or FULLPOS horizontal fields (1999) (PINUTS)

April 1999
CHAGAL is a versatile graphical program originally designed for plotting the contour maps and wind fields based on results of operational implementation of ALADIN model. Anyhow it may be used to satisfy any need of a graphical representation of a model output provided the user preparers his own (...)

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