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ALATNET 1st Training Course : on-line presentations

Monday 26 June 2000


  • Links between high resolution modelling and data assimilation by Loïk Berre
  • Geometry and spectral representation of the fields by Mark Zagar
  • 3-Time-Level semi-Lagrangian by Ilian Gospodinov
  • 2-Time-Level semi-Lagrangian by Ilian Gospodinov
  • the S.I. system in primitive equations by Pierre Bénard
  • Eulerian formulation : stability and properties by Pierre Bénard
  • the S.I.S.L. orographic problem and some solutions by Pierre Bénard
  • the top and bottom boundary conditions by Pierre Bénard
  • an example of hybrid problem : "fibrillation" by Pierre Bénard
  • the Dynamics of ARPEGE/ALADIN Hydrostatic Primitive-Equations system by Pierre Bénard
  • Relaxing the thin layer hypothesis by Jean-François Geleyn


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