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Code Training WW, 9-12 Sept 2019, Toulouse
Published on 26 September 2019
by Patricia
Maintenance Training presentations (2010)
Published on 21 September 2010
by Patricia

A "Maintenance Training" took place in Toulouse on September 20-22th 2010 (see page on aladin website for practical details, agenda, photos, list of participants).

Its objectives were, among others, to help newcomers to get familiar with the phasing procedure, to give them

some overview of the (…)

SURFEX On-line presentations (2009)
Published on 17 November 2009
by Patricia

These presentations were given during the 2009 SURFEX Training Course, Toulouse, 14-16 October 2009. Introduction to SURFEX (E. Martin) SURFEX in AROME (Y. Seity) SURFEX in Aladin (and Arpege) NWP model (F. Bouyssel) SURFEX in the climate group (B. Decharme) Some SURFEX applications at (…)

SURFEX Practical exercises (2009)
Published on 17 November 2009
by Patricia

These practical exercises were organized during the 2009 SURFEX Training course organized in Toulouse, 14-16 October 2009. A. Introduction Environment Job structure Get sxmosa1 files Stand-alone application B. 1D cases Physiography Run isba 1D case Run FLake 1D case C. 2D hirlake case

More (…)

2008 - 2nd AROME training course : on-line presentations
Published on 31 March 2008
by Patricia

Sommaire Introduction/closing session Lectures Practical exercises

The 2nd AROME training course took place in Lisbon (Portugal), on March 4-7 2008.

49 people from 19 countries attended the one week Seminar. 11 teachers gave 16 hours main lectures and 12 hours practical (…)