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ARPEGE-Climat V5.1 Algorithmic Documentation (2009)
Article published on 3 September 2009
last modification on 14 August 2013

by Patricia

Arpege-IFS is a complex code designed not only for weather forecast or
climate simulation, but also for data assimilation, forecast pre- and postprocessing.
It has been extended, diversified and complexified since 1986
jointly by Météo-France and ECMWF. The present documentation restricts
to the description of the French climate version of Arpege-IFS. Some features
are not compatible with the version used by ECMWF. In this case, we
will use the term Arpege. Some features are specific to the French climate
version, and we will use the term Arpege-climat. The core of the model
is cycle 32T0 of Arpege-IFS.

Contents :

  1. Basic hypotheses and related constants
  2. Dynamics equations
  3. Spectral transforms
  4. Semi-lagrangian discretization
  5. Semi-Implicit spectral computations
  6. Horizontal diffusion and nudging
  7. Boundary conditions
  8. Radiation
  9. Clouds and turbulence
  10. Large-scale precipitation
  11. Vertical diffusion
  12. Convection
  13. Gravity wave drag
  14. Soil, snow and vegetation
  15. Diabatic terms
  16. Diagnostics
  17. References

See also the algorithmic documentation of the prognostic physics in ARPEGE-Climat (Deep convection, Shallow convection, Precipitation, Clouds and turbulence, Radiation).