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General Fortran optimizations guide, Dec 2019

Wednesday 19 August 2020 by Patricia

This document from Ryad El Khatib is the support of a training course of Fortran High Performance omputing for scientists and developers. The purpose of this course is to let developers be aware of the performance traps when they code a piece of scientific software in Fortran.
The expectation is that the developers will be able to write fairly-well-performing code at once, without the need of a computer specialist to recode and optimize the software sometimes later to ease the handover to operations.


  1. Reminders about High Performance Computers
  2. Optimization techniques
  3. Profiling Arpege/IFS/Arome

See also the presentation given by Ryad in December 2019.

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General Fortran optimizations guide: presentation

19 August 2020
info document : PDF
908 kb

General Fortran optimizations guide

19 August 2020
info document : PDF
285.3 kb

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