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BATOR’s Changes and input files used

1/ Since CY42 some changes have been made in BATOR :
 ’ficdate’ file which describe timeslots is deprecated.
 ’refdata’ files are replaced by ’batormap’ ones

2/ How to write a param_bator.cfg input file (from CY43)

3/ namelist entities used as input in Bator (in french only)

4/ how Bator does read OPERA radar files

Article published on 5 May 2021
last modification on 4 November 2021

by Frank Guillaume

Updated on 24/07/2019.

Bator and OPERA radar files 119.7 kb / PDF

ficdate & batormap (english) 103.2 kb / PDF

how to write a param_bator.cfg file (english) 257.1 kb / PDF

how to write a param_bator.cfg file (french) 258.2 kb / PDF

namelist BATOR CY43 (english) 545.9 kb / PDF

namelist BATOR cy43 (français) 555.1 kb / PDF

namelist BATOR CY46 (english) 580.4 kb / PDF

namelist BATOR CY46 (french) 590.7 kb / PDF

namelist BATOR CY46t1_op1.02 (French) 648.4 kb / PDF