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Arpege/Aladin single column model (2002)
Scientifical and Algorithmical aspects
Article published on May 2002
last modification on 28 October 2005

The single column model (SCM) is the 1D version of th 3D ARPEGE-ALADIN operational model. It can be used for different purposes :

  • make predictions in 3D model forced mode
  • test the physical package on observational datasets as well as on idealized profiles
  • Develop surface variational assimilation, while using tangent linear and adjoint versions of the SCM.

Since the SCM is a 1D version of the ARPEG-ALADIN 3D model, for which a documentation already exists, this documentation only briefly reminds basic equations and hypothesis of the 3D model but points out SCM specificities, like the forcing.

  • Main features
  • Scientifical aspects
    • Basic equations
    • Temporal loop
    • Forcing
    • Observational datasets available
  • Algorithmical aspects : SCM fortran code organization
    • 1D <> 3D sources consistency
    • Calling tree
    • Data flow
    • Temporal loop
    • Stretching
    • Forcing
    • Real data precision
    • DDH diagnostics
  • Practical aspects
    • Authors address
    • UNIX directories tree
    • Install
    • Run
    • File I/O: LFA software
    • Use resulting data
    • Create your own profiles and forcings
    • Streching
    • Deal with sources
  • History