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Arpege/Aladin single column model (2002)

Scientifical and Algorithmical aspects
May 2002

The single column model (SCM) is the 1D version of th 3D ARPEGE-ALADIN operational model. It can be used for different purposes :

  • make predictions in 3D model forced mode
  • test the physical package on observational datasets as well as on idealized profiles
  • Develop surface variational assimilation, while using tangent linear and adjoint versions of the SCM.

Since the SCM is a 1D version of the ARPEG-ALADIN 3D model, for which a documentation already exists, this documentation only briefly reminds basic equations and hypothesis of the 3D model but points out SCM specificities, like the forcing.

  • Main features
  • Scientifical aspects
    • Basic equations
    • Temporal loop
    • Forcing
    • Observational datasets available
  • Algorithmical aspects : SCM fortran code organization
    • 1D <> 3D sources consistency
    • Calling tree
    • Data flow
    • Temporal loop
    • Stretching
    • Forcing
    • Real data precision
    • DDH diagnostics
  • Practical aspects
    • Authors address
    • UNIX directories tree
    • Install
    • Run
    • File I/O: LFA software
    • Use resulting data
    • Create your own profiles and forcings
    • Streching
    • Deal with sources
  • History

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Single column model

26 April 2005
info document : PostScript
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