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Aladin-dust user’s guide (Jan 2012, in French)
Article published on 27 January 2012

by Patricia

This guide is an addendum to the technical documentation of the ALADIN model. Its focuses on many physical processes linked to desert aerosols that are in the ALADIN code. This guide points out which modifications have to be made in the namelists and which main keys are needed in order to branch dust in the ALADIN prediction system and its post treatment.
During the FENNEC campaign, ALADIN-dust ran for more than thirty days in a row, with no observed bug. The model output was very useful during the campaign and used during briefings, daily reports and flight plans. The case, mentioned in this guide as an example, is well simulated in intensity as well as in the spatial extension, by the ALADIN-dust model.

See the user’s guide written by Mohamed Mokhtari, ONM Algeria (documentation in French)