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Surface assimilation (presentation, March 2008)
Article published on 31 March 2008

by Patricia

Presentation of Rafiq Hamdi during the 2nd AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008: "Surface assimilation:
status and plans" by Rafiq Hamdi with help from JF Mahfouf, F. Bouyssel and L. Auger
and input from Adam Dziedzic and Karim Bergaoui.

  • Introduction
    • The global data assimilation system
    • Surface analysis and upperair
  • Surface analysis by Optimum Interpolation using CANARI
    • Surface Parameterization scheme (ISBA)
    • Soil moisture
    • Available observations for surface analysis
    • Optimum Interpolation and CANARI software
  • Moving away from Optimum Interpolation using SURFEX
    • Vertical interpolation scheme in SURFEX
    • The Extended Kalman Filter
    • The SEKF for Wp analysis within SURFEX
  • Work to be done
    • A SEKF is now available within SURFEX for the analysis of soil moisture but
      needs analysis increments from a 2D
      spatial interpolation tool like CANARI OI.
    • The first results over ALADINFrance
      (done by JF
      Mahfouf) are encouraging.
    • Reduce remaining inconsistencies between SURFEX and ALADINISBA.
    • Couple the soil analysis with the atmospheric analysis to allow feedback.
    • Improve the efficiency of offline SURFEX version.
    • The vertical interpolation scheme in the surface boundary layer.
    • The use of SURFEX should help moving from a SEKF to an Ensemble Kalman
    • Inclusion of a microwave emission model within SURFEX.
    • Inclusion of improved radiative and precipitation forcing.