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How to run NH kernel ? (presentation, March 2008)
Article published on 31 March 2008

by Patricia

Presentation of Jozef Vivoda during the 2nd AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008 : "How to run NH kernel ?
(namelist variables, etc.)" by Jozef Vivoda with materials from Ján Mašek, Filip Váňa, Miklos Vőrős and Yann Seity

The aim of the presentation is to explain how to run NH model kernel, what choices are possible when running NH dynamics and explain basic concepts behind this choices.


  • How to run NH model ?
  • Initial state and LBCs
    • Configurations (E)E927
    • Namelist for (E)E927
    • NH file content
    • Transformation of HY to NH
  • How to turn on/off NH dynamics
  • When to turn on/off NH dynamics
  • Time stepping
    • 2TL semi-Lagrangian schemes
    • middle point treatment 2TL SL schemes
    • uniformly accelerated schemes
    • SI background
    • LGWADV - basic concept
    • Gravity current
    • Bubble test
    • When NSITER>=1 is really useful ?
  • NH model diffusion
    • FAQ
    • Diffusive chimney
    • SLHD
  • BBC treatment in NH model
    • SL Chimney
    • LRDBBC
    • LGWADV
  • Vertical discretization
    • Namelist aspects
    • Requirements on vertical discretization
  • Coupling : LBC issues
  • Conclusion
    • We know how to:
      • Prepare initial files and LBCs
      • To turn on/off NH dynamics
      • To use correct discretization
      • To set up diffusion for NH kernel
      • To treat BBC in NH model
      • To turn on/off coupling and bi-periodization
      • To set up correctly time stepping procedure
    • We do not know:
      • under which conditions to turn on/off NH dynamics in 3D real case
      • when exactly SI scheme is sufficient and when ICI scheme
        with at least one iteration shall be activated
      • if further development shall be based on LGWADV approach or not
    • Challenges for future NH development
      • VFE discretization in NH kernel
      • deeper evaluation of NH code and DYN/PHYS interface
      • 3D testing
      • enhancement of LGWADV to LSETTLS
      • usage of w tendencies in physics and from physics

How to run NH kernel ? 3.2 Mb / PowerPoint