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ClearCase manual (May 2007) (Coding, phasing, porting)

Monday 21 May 2007
This easy ClearCase Manual in 7 lessons and exercises was proposed by Ryad El Khatib in November 2000 and updated in May 2007. This document has been written in order to help people to use ClearCase. Experience seems to show that the most efficient solution to start with ClearCase would be to (...)

NEC User’s Guide : introduction to NEC “tori” machine at Météo-France (April 2007) (Systems and operations)

Tuesday 3 April 2007 by Patricia
This NEC users guide was written by Marion Pithon (French version, 19/02/2007) and translated into English (by Jean Maziejewski, March 2007). This guide is only available for authorised users (a user/password is needed to acceed to the guides from outside Météo-France). Main points of this (...)

Graphics about possible future discretizations and resolutions in Arpège and Aladin-France (April 2007) (Projections, grids and model resolutions)

Tuesday 3 April 2007 by Patricia
Sommaire Map of ARPEGE horizontal (...) Vertical levels cast in (...) Vertical levels cast in (...) Truncature T358C2.4 T538C2.4 T799C2.4 for the whole sphere zoomed over Europe for all the atmosphere zoom at the tropopause 46 versus (...)

ECTO or ECTPplasme: to compute spectral energy on ellipses (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
Ectoplasm program permits you to compute spectral energy on ellipses referenced by integer ( between 0 to NMSMAX ) for spectral fields of Aladin files. Link to ECTO Documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/01 (by Jean-Daniel GRIL) For details on the algorithms of ECTOPLASM (routines ELIPS_NRJ, (...)

SUBDO : to make aladin SUBDOmains (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
For a given projection on a reference domain, SUBDO can create another domains : on the same grid or not inside the reference domain or not. Link to DOMAIN_MOD Documentation (used in SUBDO, VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/08(by Jean-Daniel GRIL). For details on the algorithms of SUBDO, see the joined (...)

MAKDO : to MAKe geographical aladin DOmains (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
MAKDO permits you to design from scratch an ALADIN domain. Link to MAKDO Documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/08 (by Jean-Daniel GRIL) For algorithm details on MAKDO, see the joined file.

EDF or EDitFiles : to convert ALADIN grid-point fields into ASCII files (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 1 March 2007
Link to EDF documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/01 (by J-D GRIL)

MITRAILLETTE : to validate ALADIN configurations (2004) (Coding, phasing, porting)

Tuesday 19 December 2006
Mitraillette is a script designed to validate ALADIN configurations and is particularly useful to test a new cycle. This script uses a chain of jobs: when a job is finished it launches the following job, in a predetermined order. The first version was developped by Vanda Sousa da Costa in (...)

Proposal for the implementation of LESIDG in ALADIN (Oct 06) (Dynamics)

Tuesday 17 October 2006
In this memo we (Pierre Bénard and Karim Yessad) choose, among several possible methods, one practical method for implementing in Aladin the LESIDG functionality, that is, the possibility of using a SI scheme with a non-uniform version of the linearized map-factor. The algorithms for the chosen (...)

AROME diagnostics (June 2006) (Diagnostics)

Friday 9 June 2006
This document written by Gwenaëlle Hello presents the state of the art of the development of the Arome Diagnostics in June 2006.

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