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The purpose of this site is to give an easy access to the numerous and various documentations available around ARPEGE/ALADIN/AROME

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Most recent articles

Most recent articles

SUBGRID : to define parameters of an ALADIN subgrid (1999)

This procedure defines the two corners (SW and NE) of a subgrid Aladin, given : the native grid parameters, the approximative SW subgrid corner (in degrees) : ZLONU & ZLATU the number of points of the subgrid (for C+I) : IDLUXU & IDGUXU The files location is on andante: (...)

Getting started with ALADIN (presentation, 1997)

One of the first presentations by Jean-Daniel Gril ... still up-to-date ! Getting started with ALADIN : introduction how to create an ALADIN domain ? the configurations : e001, e927, ee927 namelists and librairies the command line files (...)

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