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ALADIN-NH Training Course : on-line presentations and minutes (2004 - Training course on ALADIN-NH)

March 2004
How running academic or real cases with ALADIN-NH ? by Yan Seity Software evolution around Arpège, Aladin, Arome, by Claude Fischer Rapid introduction to the architecture of the ALADIN code with a focus on NH aspects, by Gwenaëlle Hello Overview of the coding rules in Arpege/Ifs/Aladin, by Ryad (...)

ALADIN maintenance and phasing training course : on-line presentations (2002 - ALADIN maintenance and phasing training course)

December 2002
Configuration e923, Neva Pristov Canari : code description, algorithms and data flow, Cornel Soci ODB management in ALADIN, Sandor Kertez 3d-var ALADIN, Claude Fischer New geometry setup for ALADIN and FULLPOS, Martin Janousek Introduction to the architecture of the code ARPEGE/ALADIN in cycle (...)

ALATNET 3rd Training Course : on-line presentations (2002 - ALATNET Seminar on Numerical Methods)

June 2002
Numerical analysis and selected lectures, presentations by Joze Rakovec and Thomaz Vrhovec Systems of equations, by Petra Smolikova Space discretization methods, by Petra Smolikova Time discretization, by Petra Smolikova Advection treatment, by Petra Smolikova with annex : "Orographic (...)

ALATNET 2nd Training Course : on-line presentations (2001 - ALATNET Seminar on Data Assimilation)

June 2001
Optimal estimation in meteorology, by Gérald Desroziers TL/AD Techniques, by Dominique Giard CANARI-DIAGPACK, by Andras Horanyi and Jure Jerman Digital filtering and data assimilation, by Dominique Giard Use of satellite data, by Elisabeth Gérard Variational Data Assimilation, by Claude Fischer, (...)

ALATNET 1st Training Course : on-line presentations (2000 - ALATNET Seminar on High Resolution Modelling)

Monday 26 June 2000
Soil and land cover characteristics, Eric Bazile Surface parametrization, Eric Bazile Links between high resolution modelling and data assimilation by Loïk Berre Geometry and spectral representation of the fields by Mark Zagar 3-Time-Level semi-Lagrangian by Ilian Gospodinov 2-Time-Level (...)

2008 - 2nd AROME training course : on-line presentations (2008 - 2nd AROME training course)

Monday 31 March 2008 by Patricia
Sommaire Introduction/closing session Lectures Practical exercises The 2nd AROME training course took place in Lisbon (Portugal), on March 4-7 2008. 49 people from 19 countries attended the one week Seminar. 11 teachers gave 16 hours main lectures and 12 hours (...)

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