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Optimal estimation in meteorology (presentation, 2001)

June 2001

OPTIMAL ESTIMATION IN METEOROLOGY was presented by Gérald Desroziers during the ALATNET seminar on Data Assimilation, June 11-22, 2001.

  • Introduction
    • estimation theory
      • observations are not perfect,
      • the estimate will also be approximate,
      • the estimate must be an optimal combination of observations,
      • it is better to overdetermine the problem,
      • a model can be used to give a preliminary estimate,
      • model are never perfect,
      • the estimate should fit observations within their errors.
    • 1st approach: minimisation of the estimation error variance
    • 2nd approach: Weighted Least Squares
    • 3rd approach: Maximum-likelihood
  • Using a background
  • Optimal Interpolation
  • Structure functions
  • Using a model: the Kalman Filter
    • Principle of a 3D-Var or Optimal Interpolation scheme

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Optimal estimation

7 November 2005
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