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ARPEGE/ALADIN : the galaxy (data flow around ARPEGE/ALADIN, 2000)
Article published on March 2000
last modification on 13 December 2005

This document is a slide presentation (including notes) from Ryad El Khatib.

It presents the data flow around ARPEGE/ALADIN software and the multifunctionality of this software :
 ARPEGE/ALADIN : how does it work ?
 What is the namelists file?
 What are the input data ?
 How to make a tidal waves file?
 How to make a historical file Arpege ?
 How to make ALADIN files ?
 The configuration 901
 O.I. Analysis "CANARI" : the configuration 701
 Changing the geometry : the configurations 927
 Climatology : the configuration 923
 Matrixes : the configuration 911 & 912
 Available outut data
 Other configurations
 Overview of a run

An old presentation about namelists (in French, 1998) is also available.

Galaxy 1.1 Mb / GZ

Namelists (old, French) 661.5 kb / PostScript