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LAMFLAG_ODB : to provide an input ODB to run 3DVAR screening in ALADIN (2001)
Article published on 28 September 2001
last modification on 19 December 2005

Recent tests showed that without any modifications in the code the only way to run 3DVAR screening in ALADIN 15 is to provide an input ODB containing only reports inside the C+I zone. At present the creation of this input ODB is done in two steps. In the first step the whole ODB is scanned through and for reports inside the C+I zone column subtype@hdr is set to 1 (and to 0 otherwise). Then in the second step (with the modified version of program shuffle) only reports with subtype@hdr=1 are selected and written out into a new ODB, which is now suitable for ALADIN purposes. The first task in this process and other optional selections are done by program LAMFLAG_ODB.


Kertész Sándor, 2001-09-28

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