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From source code management to binaries production for ARPEGE/ALADIN (presentation, 2003)

February 2003

From source code management to binaries production for Arpege/Aladin

This document written by Ryad El Khatib is not a users guide to explain how to make and compile any modification in ARPEGE/ALADIN : there are other manuals for that.
This document is neither a maintenance guide to explain how to procede when creating a new code release.
This document intends just to be a technical guide describing the state of the art about the ARPEGE/ALADIN code management at Météo-France in January 2003.

Contents :

  • Overview of the situation
  • Source code and libraries organization
  • Operations on source code database and compilation packs

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10 November 2005
info document : PDF
1020.2 kb

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