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FA API package (Mar 2010)
Article published on 30 March 2010
last modification on 6 October 2010

by Patricia

The FA API is a higher level application programming interface providing an easy access to FA file format.

The fa_api is a wrapper library that integrates several IFS/Arpege auxiliary libraries (fa, lfi, eggx, etc.) and provides unified and easy to use interface for manipulating FA files. The fa_api is intended mainly as a standalone externalized library for operational and R&D applications.

The main features:

  • encoding and decoding of FA records (with automatic transforms from spectral to grid-point space)
  • attributes of headers and records can be accessed via alphanumeric keys
  • methods for finding nearest points and grid sub-sections
  • Fortran 90, C and C++ interfaces (Python interface in development)
  • set of command line utilities to perform basic operations on FA files
  • extensive browsable documentation in HTML format
  • no external dependencies, all necessary libraries are included

For more details, please consult the fa_api documentation website where you will find reference manual, installation instructions, examples how to use fa_api and other useful informations.