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Variational Data Assimilation (presentation, 2001)
Article published on June 2001
last modification on 21 June 2007

Presentation of Claude Fischer, Andras Horanyi and Wafaa Sadiki during the ALATNET training course on Data Assimilation in Gourdon, 11-22 June 2001.

Contents :

  • General aspects :
    • motivations
    • history
    • general formulation of the cost function
    • error covariance matrices
    • minimization algorithms
  • Practical implementation : where the problems start and where refinements are needed
    • (multi-)incremental approach
    • quasi-continuous approach
    • the exemple of Météo-France 4D-Var
    • flow dependant structure function
  • Limited Area and Lateral Boundary Coupling
    • scale selection and localisation
    • possible tools
    • nested assimilation cycles
    • boundaries and coupling in 4D-Var