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FULL-POS in the cycle 46 of ARPEGE/IFS. (Diagnostics)

Tuesday 22 May 2018 by Karim Yessad
Table of contents Abstract RESUME Contents This documentation describes the software FULL-POS doing post-processing on different kind of vertical levels. In particular, post-processable variables and organigramme are given. Some aspects of horizontal and (...)

CFU (cumulated fluxes) and XFU (instantaneous fluxes) in the cycle 46 of ARPEGE/IFS. (Diagnostics)

Tuesday 10 April 2018 by Karim Yessad
Table of contents Abstract RESUME Contents This documentation describes some diagnostics done on the physical fluxes: CFU (cumulated fluxes) and XFU (instantaneous fluxes). Some algorithmic aspects and technical aspects (organigramme for example) are (...)

Diagnostics by Horizontal Domains : DDH (2018) (Diagnostics)

Monday 8 January 2018
Guide for users and developpers : Variables and budget equations, in horizontal mean ARPEGE, ALADIN and AROME models, new documentation available on January 9, 2018. The documentation presents the diagnostics on horizontal domains (DDH) developed initially for the variable mesh of ARPEGE, (...)

New dataflow for DDH in Aladin/Arpege/Alaro/Arome (Diagnostics)

Tuesday 13 January 2009 by Olivier Rivière
This documentation comes in addition to the general documentation for DDH . It describes the flexible structures available for diagnostics in Arpege/Aladin/Alaro/Arpege In cy35t1 it is only available in Arome and in cy35t2 in all (...)

AROME diagnostics (June 2006) (Diagnostics)

Friday 9 June 2006
This document written by Gwenaëlle Hello presents the state of the art of the development of the Arome Diagnostics in June 2006.

Post-processing "Fullpos" (2002, 2004) (Diagnostics)

December 2004
Full-Pos is the nickname of the Post-Processing package in the Arpege/Ifs/Aladin software. FullPOS is a powerful and sophisticated post-processing package. It is intended to be used for operation and research as well. FullPOS has two main parts : the vertical interpolations, then the (...)

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