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Maintenance Training presentations (2010) (2010 - Maintenance Training)

Tuesday 21 September 2010 by Patricia
A "Maintenance Training" took place in Toulouse on September 20-22th 2010 (see page on aladin website for practical details, agenda, photos, list of participants). Its objectives were, among others, to help newcomers to get familiar with the phasing procedure, to give them some overview of the (...)

SURFEX On-line presentations (2009) (2009 - SURFEX Training Course)

Tuesday 17 November 2009 by Patricia
These presentations were given during the 2009 SURFEX Training Course, Toulouse, 14-16 October 2009. Introduction to SURFEX (E. Martin) SURFEX in AROME (Y. Seity) SURFEX in Aladin (and Arpege) NWP model (F. Bouyssel) SURFEX in the climate group (B. Decharme) Some SURFEX applications at (...)

SURFEX Practical exercises (2009) (2009 - SURFEX Training Course)

Tuesday 17 November 2009 by Patricia
These practical exercises were organized during the 2009 SURFEX Training course organized in Toulouse, 14-16 October 2009. A. Introduction Environment Job structure Get sxmosa1 files Stand-alone application B. 1D cases Physiography Run isba 1D case Run FLake 1D case C. 2D hirlake case More (...)

Practical exercises (2008 - 2nd AROME training course)

Monday 31 March 2008 by Patricia
These practical exercises were done during the 2nd AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008. Introduction to practical exercises (see introduction.pdf) : AROME forecast overview Introduction to AROME code PC Package (see PC package.pdf) : Graphics Model on PC 1D model tests with MUSC (...)

ALARO-0 Training Course : on-line presentations (2007 - ALARO-0 Training course)

Thursday 12 April 2007 by Patricia
The first ALARO-0 training course took place in Radostovice (Czech Rep) on March 26-30, 2007. The programme, the time-table and the list of participants are in the joined pdf file. Main outcomes and decisions from the final discussion also. Please consult the pages ((1), (2)) of the training (...)

SURFEX training courses : Participants and photos (2006 - ALADIN/HIRLAM Surface/Surfex training course)

Thursday 21 December 2006 by Patricia
List of participants Photos

Surface/SURFEX training course : Programme with on-line presentations and minutes (2006 - ALADIN/HIRLAM Surface/Surfex training course)

Thursday 21 December 2006 by Patricia
Monday 11th 8h45-9h15 : reception Chairman F. Bouyssel 9h15-9h30 : Welcome & introduction : J. Pailleux & C. Fischer 9h30-10h : SURFEX : J. Noilhan & P. Le Moigne 10h-10h30 : HIRLAM surface and soil parametrization schemes : S. Gollvik 10h30-10h50 : Coffee break 10h50-11h20 : (...)

Announcement (2006 - ALADIN/HIRLAM Surface/Surfex training course)

Wednesday 25 October 2006 by Patricia
Announcement on October 19, 2006 Message for ALADIN coordinators, Hirlam Project Manager, ECMWF, COSMO and Met Office contact points, RPN (Meteorological Research Branch of Meteorological Service of Canada) teachers Dear colleagues, This is the official announcement for the Surface/Surfex (...)

AROME 1st Training Course : on-line presentations (2005 - 1st AROME training course)

Tuesday 29 November 2005 by Patricia
The 1st AROME training course took place in Poiana Brasov (Romania), on November 21-25, 2005. 53 people from 23 countries attended the one week Seminar. 10 teachers gave 22 hours main lectures on the most important points for running AROME in the forecast mode, considering both the theoretical (...)

ALADIN-NH Training Course : on-line presentations and minutes (2004 - Training course on ALADIN-NH)

March 2004
How running academic or real cases with ALADIN-NH ? by Yan Seity Software evolution around Arpège, Aladin, Arome, by Claude Fischer Rapid introduction to the architecture of the ALADIN code with a focus on NH aspects, by Gwenaëlle Hello Overview of the coding rules in Arpege/Ifs/Aladin, by Ryad (...)

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