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How to plot Arome output (presentation, Nov 2005) (Files and data)

Thursday 8 December 2005
Presentation of François Bouttier during the 1st AROME training course that took place in Poiana Brasov (Romania), on November 21-25, 2005. Contents : contents of AROME files CHAGAL : the traditional Aladin plotter DIAPROG: traditional Méso-NH plotter Metview icons and macros examples of Metview (...)

Using ODB in ALADIN (documentation and presentation, 2002) (ODB : Observational DataBase)

November 2002
This document was written by Sandar Kertez in November 2002 and presented during the 1st ALADIN maintenance and phasing workshop hold in Budapest on November 25-29, 2002. Main topics : Basic ODB structures Data retrieval OBB in ARPEGE/IFS ODB related programs Working with (...)

A short overview of ODB (presentation, 2002) (ODB : Observational DataBase)

June 2002
ODB (Observational DataBase) is a database system to store and handle all kind of observations. It allows fast data extraction by data query language ODB/SQL. Kertész Sándor presented an overview of ODB in June 2002 : basics structurs views database definition How ODB looks like? Where to find (...)

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