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Basics about ARPEGE/IFS, ALADIN and AROME in the cycle 46 of ARPEGE/IFS. (Configurations)

Tuesday 10 April 2018 by Karim Yessad
Table of contents Abstract RESUME Contents This documentation has the aim to give a general overview of the ARPEGE/IFS, ALADIN and AROME models, for beginners or for someone which knows some specific points but has no general overview of the whole models. It (...)

Sphere to sphere transforms in spectral space in the cycle 46 of ARPEGE/IFS: configuration 911. (Configurations)

Tuesday 10 April 2018 by Karim Yessad
Table of contents Abstract RESUME Contents This documentation describes configuration formerly numbered 911 which performs dilatation/contraction matrices: these matrices allow to do spectral transformation between a stretched spectral space and between its (...)

Configuration 801 in the cycle 40 of ARPEGE/IFS (July 2013) (Configurations)

Monday 8 July 2013 by Karim Yessad
Table of contents Abstract Résumé Contents This documentation describes the algorithmic and technical aspects of the configuration 801 of ARPEGE/IFS, which allows in particular to do sensitivity studies. An example of namelist is provided. Cette (...)

Notice d’utilisation de la configuration 901 ISBA (2008) (Configurations)

Tuesday 5 February 2008 by Patrick SAEZ
Table of contents I/ Introduction II/ Enchaînement des tâches III/ Détail des étapes 1/ Etape 1 2/ Etape 2 3/ Etape 3 4/ Etape 4 IV/ Base MARS et requêtes V/ Scripts a utiliser VI/ ANNEXE This document (in French) written by Patrick Saez in March 2003 (updated in (...)

ARPEGE/ALADIN : the galaxy (data flow around ARPEGE/ALADIN, 2000) (Configurations)

March 2000
This document is a slide presentation (including notes) from Ryad El Khatib. It presents the data flow around ARPEGE/ALADIN software and the multifunctionality of this software : ARPEGE/ALADIN : how does it work ? What is the namelists file? What are the input data ? How to make a tidal waves (...)

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