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2002 - ALATNET Seminar on Numerical Methods

The 3rd ALATNET training course took place in Kranjska Gora (Slovenia) on 27 May - 1st June 2002.

  • 59 people from 14 countries attended the one week Seminar.
  • 8 teachers (coming from the 5 ALATNET centers) gave 30 hours main lectures on numerical analysis, dynamics, physics, variational methods, numerical filters, stochastic aspects and data management and scripts.
  • 1/3 of the ALADIN participants were supported by ALATNET (ALATNET was supported by the TMR/IHP Programme of the European Community).

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ALATNET 3rd Training Course : on-line presentations
Published on June 2002

Numerical analysis and selected lectures, presentations by Joze Rakovec and Thomaz Vrhovec Systems of equations, by Petra Smolikova Space discretization methods, by Petra Smolikova Time discretization, by Petra Smolikova Advection treatment, by Petra Smolikova with annex : "Orographic resonance" (…)