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2000 - ALATNET Seminar on High Resolution Modelling

The 1st ALATNET training course on High Resolution Modelling took place in Radostovice (Cz) on May 15-26, 2000 :
 57 people attended the two week Seminar (participants came from 15 countries; 1/3 from European Union countries and 2/3 from Central and Eastern Europe).
 3 over the 4 European Working Groups on Local Area Modelling were represented (ALADIN, COSMO and HIRLAM).
 About 25% of the ALADIN participants were newcomers in the ALADIN project.
 10 teachers (coming from 7 countries) gave 57 hours lectures and
6 hours were added on demand during tutorial windows : links between dynamical meteorology and high resolution modelling, dynamics, physics, interface, links with assimilation ...
 1/3 of the ALADIN participants were supported by ALATNET (ALATNET was supported by the TMR/IHP Programme of the European Community).

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ALATNET 1st Training Course : on-line presentations
Published on 26 June 2000

– Soil and land cover characteristics, Eric Bazile

– Surface parametrization, Eric Bazile TO BE COMPLETED SOON

– Links between high resolution modelling and data assimilation by Loïk Berre

– Geometry and spectral representation of the fields by Mark Zagar

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